“I am currently six months pregnant. I have been miserable at work until about a month ago when I started using the posturewell seat. I would toss and turn my whole shift. I was unable to sit at home with my family for the first five months. Since I have started using the posturewell seat I have had no more back pain. As far as moving about, I feel comfortable to move. I have just been totally comfortable. I just feel supported all the way around.”

Phoenix M. – Pittsburgh, PA

I just had my first baby in January and started experiencing some backaches after my delivery. It was very frustrating because I had never had back pain before and I was trying to learn how to nurse my daughter. The change in my muscle strength from pregnancy coupled with the strain of nursing was really making it difficult to comfortably breastfeed. A friend suggested I try the Posturewell cushion to help with my back pain. I’m so glad he did because the difference in comfort was almost immediate. The adjustable cushions offered support to my lower back and helped me to maintain better posture while nursing Karly. Now I’m back to work part-time and I use it in the office to nurse at my desk!

Megan Trezza – Pittsburgh, PA

“I bought the Posturewell Adjustable Support Seat for my son.
He loves the seat and uses it daily.”

Alex – Chatsworth, CA

As most of you know, I have a history of having had lower back problems in the past. In fact, one of the reasons I became a trainer was to help myself manage my lower back issues. Needless to say, my success has proven itself by the fact that I ride an 800 pound motorcycle, earned three Black Belts in martial arts, downhill ski, and participate in many other athletic activities. Recently, one of my students, Matt Bryer, asked me to try a new product he developed for people with lower back issues. Much to my delight, his Posturewell adjustable, portable, and oh-so-comfortable support seat keeps me from getting sore and stiff when I sit. How many of you find that sitting is painful? Or know of a friend or loved one that has hip or back pain when they sit for too long? I highly recommend this little gem, and, in fact, I like it so much that I’ve asked Matt if I can keep one for myself! I’m always happy when I can help my students lower their pain levels – that’s why I’m a Master Trainer. Let me know if you are interested in more information on this great new find!
Lower Back Pain Relief!

Karen Hite – Master Personal Fitness Trainer – Hitek Training LLC
4129 Grandview Drive, Gibsonia, PA 15044 – 724-502-4109

Disclaimer: The Posturewell Adjustable Support Seat was designed to fit most people and most seating surfaces. However, if you plan to use it exclusively in a particular chair, please make sure the chair can accommodate the 20 inch width and 16 in depth of the Posturewell.