1. Unzip the outer packaging.
  1. Remove the five smaller pieces located in the center of the package which includes:
    (2) hip supports, (2) side supports, (1) lumbar support
  1. Remove seat base/back from the package
  1. Unfold the seat base back so the base portion is sitting flat
  1. Attach the back portion to the base portion with Velcro strips
  1. Install each hip support on the right and left sides of the base portion
    The hip supports should be installed so the more angle sided of the supports are on the outside
    and the gentler sloping sided on the inside. The supports may be reversed to provide even
    greater support if desired.
  1. Install the lumbar support horizontally in the center of the back portion of the seat
  1. Install the two side supports vertically on the left and right side of the base
  1. Place your completed posturewell support seat on desired seating surface. The posturewell
    support seat works best on a seating surface that is at least as large as the seat itself
  1. Sit on the posturewell support seat. It is best to sit on the front part of the Seat and slide back.
    The lumbar support should be located in the small of the back, just above the hips, providing
    for proper spinal curvature. The hip supports should gently support the hips and sides of the
    legs, preventing any sideways pronation of the legs while aligning the hips. The side supports
    should fit just below the armpits providing lateral stabilization. All supports are fully
    adjustable providing a comfortable custom fitted Perfect Posture Seat. When you sit in
    your posturewell support seat you should feel your hips supported, spine in alignment
    and properly curved and your entire body perfectly stabilized.

Disclaimer: The Posturewell Adjustable Support Seat was designed to fit most people and most seating surfaces. However, if you plan to use it exclusively in a particular chair, please make sure the chair can accommodate the 20 inch width and 16 in depth of the Posturewell.